About Us

Binar Academy holds strong values to define the company’s vision and mission statement. In hope of developing a sustainable company, values also become an essential fundamental for all Binarians involved, including the founders and academics.


To Support and Inspire

Develop potential talents to collaborate and build innovation in the digital industry with the work that inspires many.


To Discover

Observe individual progress and discover motivation to hold, not only focusing on the output but also the journey.

To Improve

Enhance knowledge both from theory, and implementation by practice.

To Connect

Provide an opportunity for potential talents to connect with each other and practitioners that have expertise in their field.

Our Team

Binar Academy has a team of unique people and specialists in their respective fields. Binar Academy welcomes talents from all kinds of different backgrounds and this allows us to continue to grow and learn from each other.

Alamanda Shantika

After completing her extraordinary journey at GOJEK, Alamanda embarked on a new adventure to spread the spirit of learning and thinking ahead to support Indonesia development. Following her dream, Alamanda Shantika built the Binar Academy, as a means to directly contribute to the development of a healthy digital and technology ecosystem through the talents of the nation that Binar Academy gave birth to.

Dita Aisyah

Dita Aisyah returned to Indonesia from the United States and had to adapt not only to the culture but also to her job where she made the transition from working in politics to technology. Started as a Business Analyst at Gojek, she then managed the Marketing team for beauty services on demand (GO-GLAM). During the transition process, Dita became aware of the inequality of opportunity and education across Indonesia and hopes that her involvement at Binar Academy is a stepping stone to closing that gap and making world-class education more accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background or geographic location.

Seto Lareno

Spent 9 years in the creative industry that is closely related to developing human potential as well as a sustainable environment. Actively building community and education in rural areas, from Kalimantan to eastern Indonesia. Then actively involved in GOJEK in developing the team. After going through various experiences from various industries, Seto believes that the human potential in Indonesia is huge but inequality in access to education and infrastructure is a problem. Therefore, Seto feels that the vision and mission that Binar Academy has are in line with Seto's values ​​and beliefs to provide access to quality and actual education to every corner of Indonesia.