Automation Tester

Devshore Partners
Remote (CESTTimezone)

Job Requirements & Job Descriptions

Project Descriptions:

Sensoneo provides enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions that support the digital transformation of waste management to achieve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

Job Requirements:

  • Proficient in the following technologies: SQL, C#, .NET 7, HTML5, TypeScript/JavaScript, CSS3, React, JSON, XML.
  • Ability to debug program code in C#, TypeScript/JavaScript, and React.
  • Familiarity with test tools and libraries, including Selenium WebDriver (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), FlaUI, MSTest framework, and Selenium framework.
  • Capability to create automatic tests for UI, Unit Tests, and Integration Tests.
  • Knowledge of DEV tools in browsers.
  • Administration skills on MS Windows operating system
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Familiarity with Azure DevOps Server tools, including Boards, Pipelines, Repos Git and TFVC, Artifacts, Test Plans, etc.
  • Understanding of three-tier (n-tier) architecture in web applications.
  • Basic knowledge of MSSQL and Oracle databases, including basic data operations.
  • Installation, configuration, and management of web applications deployed within the Microsoft IIS web server.
  • Installation and configuration of WCF services installed as Windows Services.
  • Knowledge of HTTP/HTTPS and net.tcp protocols.
  • Familiarity with agile development methodologies, particularly Scrum.
  • Proficient in software testing methodologies, covering different phases of development (static, unit, component/module, integration, functional, GUI, etc.).
  • Understanding of code knowledge (White, Black, Gray box).
  • Familiarity with dimensions of quality (Functionality, Performance, Compatibility, Security, etc.).
  • Experience in test execution methods, including Manual, Automated, and Exploratory testing.
  • Ability to perform manual testing based on given Test Cases, create Test Cases, and explore edge cases.
  • Mandatory: fluent in English!

Nice to Have:

  • Knowledge of tools for load testing in JMeter, Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Experience in load testing, including test creation, execution, and evaluation.
  • Familiarity with API testing tools (e.g., Postman, SoapUI, etc.).
  • Experience in scripting with PowerShell.
  • Knowledge of Docker containerization.

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