Product Owner

IFG Life
‍Onsite (Jakarta)

Who Are Job Connect?

Binar Academy aims to unlock and channel human potential so we can help the world turn into a better place. One of the ways we strive to do that is to channel potential talents to impactful opportunities using our very own job connector, Binar Job Connect.

Binar Job Connect has connected up to 250 talents & candidates; whether it be young & aspirational fresh graduate to tech-savvy team leaders, individuals who decided to start from scratch, and junior engineers to skilled product managers to our experienced hiring partners. Binar Job Connect provides various options of employment, as we intend that everyone processed by us can choose the best career track for them.

Binar Job Connect is currently looking for Product Owner for one of our clients, IFG Life

Job Requirements & Job Descriptions

  • Minimum Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Information System, or Information
  • At least 3 years experience in delivery of technology solution and/or large-scale enterprise system
  • Experience in AGILE - SCRUM and JIRA
  • Familiar what business process is, what a process and what an activity is
  • Understand how to create user stories- Large-scale enterprise system
  • Leadership, critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Problem solving, analyze, evaluate and identify solution
  • Effective communication skill with ability to influence
  • Product minded oriented that always put our foot in user basis
  • Preferably someone who experience in managing team using agile principles and has knowledge of insurance